About the Artist

Hi, I’m Victoria!

Photographer | Boss Lady | Foodie | Mom

I'm a photographer based out of Atlanta, and I specialize in high school seniors. When I'm not photographing my amazing clients or planning epic experiences, I am spending quality time with my sweet little family. Some of my life obsessions include fluffy kittens (or really most fluffy baby animals), music that makes my soul happy, and trying new foods...especially anything with CHEESE.

My absolute favorite part of my business is having the honor of meeting so many wonderful seniors, and being able to show them how truly amazing they are from the inside out. When I see the light shine in their eyes as they finally see what I see, what the world sees, it fulfills me in a way nothing else ever could. 

My journey into photography really began as a teenager myself, when I took a class in high school as a freshman. I learned the art of the dark room, something that is considered "ancient" now. My first "real job" after graduation was at a local studio, however my creative eye was limited to specific poses and backdrops there. I moved on working towards a "stable" career in business management. Of course, my heart was never in it and I always felt empty. Finally, after the birth of my baby girl (my last baby as well), I was presented with the opportunity to reignite my passion. It wasn't until 2013, one year after working towards a photography business, that I realized high school seniors were my real passion behind the lens. Their energy, hopefulness, and motivation to shine inspires me every day. Every senior, and therefore every session, is different and a challenge in all the best ways. 

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Our Mission

The mission at VBP is to shine a light on our client that will make them glow from the inside out. We want every single person that steps in front of the camera to feel beautiful, inspired, confident and worthy of love. After all, isn't that what He intended for all of us? 

Like what you see so far? Ready to learn more? Or maybe you are ready to book your own senior experience and let our team create a memory your entire family will treasure for generations to come?