Kenna in the Big City – Atlanta, GA

Kenna is the very essence of “city chic” in every way possible, and that meant her senior experience had to emanate this part of her as well. When I met this sweet girl, I was enamored by her beautiful baby blue eyes (Bora Bora has nothing on her sparkling irises) and her infectious giggle. She is every bit as sweet, and authentic, as she is gorgeous. We had such fun scouring outfit ideas, and her closet, planning for a fashion forward Atlanta shoot. Her mom was just as much fun, and allowed Kenna to create a dream shoot with us.

Early on the morning of the big shoot, Amber turned Kenna into an even more exquisite version of herself…absolute perfection! Then, we all met in the morning on the roof of a parking garage that had the most stunning view of downtown. Kenna was clearly made to wear her LuLu dress she ordered just for the occasion for her first look. Later, it became a very popular dress amongst my clients and followers! She exuded confidence as we worked though various poses and filmed stunning moments together.

As we continued through downtown, and made use of the variety of backdrops the city, we laughed and explored every corner! Not a single location was ever used before with any other senior at VBP, which made it that much more exciting. Then, as we made use of a particularly edgy location in the heart of the city…we got offered a unique opportunity. The manager of the Sky Wheel allowed us access to the VIP section! This created a very studio style look but outdoors. It was a pretty neat and unexpected treat. Overall, it was a successful and entertaining day as we created Kenna’s senior experience in the city. Be sure to scroll down and see the breathtaking images below, and if you want to see her film click on “Senior Films” below the gallery menu!

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