Madison Explores the Beauty of “C-town” – Carrollton, GA

Madison, the kind of girl that has both intellectual and physical beauty…and a style of grace and class! She is going to be a huge success in life, this I am confident. From the day I met with her, and her sweet mom, I knew this was going to be a fun and unique session. I was so very right! We had such a blast creating her experience, which was overwhelmingly class and refined.

Madison wanted something with character, but still refined and elegant. Downtown Carrollton provided this with the most perfect ratio, and all conveniently close together! On the day of her shoot, after Amber worked her magic and polished her gorgeous features to a stunning finish, we met in the clock tower garage. Madison had woke up not feeling well, but didn’t want to reschedule, so we pushed forward. You would have never been able to tell she wasn’t at her best, because we had so much fun! She bloomed with every pose, and with each location, and by the time we neared the end she was all smiles. The people milling around the city, going to work or enjoying the day, watched with curiosity as she transitioned from pose to pose at my direction. A few even complimented her, and some even asked if she was a model. You could see the effect of confidence this had on Madison, she laughed and began to really get into each moment. She was literally glowing from the inside out!

It was a wonderful day, and I am honored to be able to provide experiences like this to such amazing seniors each year! Please scroll down and view a few of Madison’s beautiful images from her senior experience!

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