Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Brittianna!

Professional Makeup Artist | Boss Babe | Tea Lover

I'm an Atlanta based hair and makeup artist, and I often travel all around the South working with clients. Some of my obsessions in life include dying my hair fun colors (also known as unicorn hair), grandma sweaters (the bigger the better), Piper & Leaf teas and...Slim Jims! I literally got a huge box of them for Valentine's Day this year!

One of the first questions that my clients ask when they sit down in my chair is "How did you get into makeup?". I can answer that by telling them how I would actually "get into" my mothers makeup bag when I was two years old. I have a home video of me telling her where everything goes and getting sassy with her because she wasn't holding the mirror right while I was putting on mascara. At two years old!

I've worked for Clinique, MAC, and Sephora... I've had grown women come in and say what is the stuff called that you put here, as they point to their eye. That's when I realized I needed to start my own business. Working at the counter wasn't enough for me. I didn't want to sell cosmetics. I wanted to TEACH women about makeup, about ways to make themselves feel their best.  I wanted to execute the tranformation from shy and insecure into proud and confident. My best days are the ones where my client looks in the mirror and says "Oh my gosh, I've never looked this good before!". That is what makes it all worth it. Makeup is my passion. It is my art. It is my way of communicating. It is my way of giving. 

I can't wait to meet you and help make your senior experience unforgettable and perfect!

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