“Our photo shoot was absolutely one of the best days ever – will never be forgotten!”

We chose VBP because we had used Victoria for our older daughter’s senior pictures two years ago and were very pleased with Victoria’s work. The most important thing to us is the quality of the photos. Lighting and composition are Victoria's specialties. She is also extremely easy to work with and knows how to bring out the best in the student she is photographing.

Having a session with Victoria is like a day at the spa! It all starts with pre-planning several weeks before the shoot date. You begin by deciding on the style/theme you want for your photo shoot - small town streets, the park, a lake, big city scenes - it’s up to you. Once you decide on your theme, you get to have fun putting together your outfits. If you need help, Victoria can give you some advice. It’s so exciting on the day of the shoot when you gather your special outfits and meet with your hair and makeup artist. Be prepared to feel pampered and beautiful! It's your special day - and trust me - you will feel it! After your makeup and hair are done, you slip into one of your favorite outfits, and the fun of being a model begins. Victoria will use her artist eye to find just the right backdrop and put you in the forefront. Don't worry if you're not sure what to do. Victoria will help you every step of the way. Victoria is a lot of fun to work with and she makes you feel totally comfortable.

The photo session experience is amazing! You get to feel fabulous wearing your favorites outfits and getting super cute pictures in super cool places! It is absolutely one of the highlights of senior year! It will be a day you will never forget! When you feel beautiful, it's a lot of fun to have pictures taken to preserve how you felt in that moment. How fun is it to feel like a real model for a day? It really can boost one's confidence.

The best part is that it does't end there. It's just as much fun when you get to see your pictures, decide on what you want to order, and get your final album of pictures from that very special day! Couldn't imagine not doing a senior photo session like this! It only comes once in a lifetime.

-Review from Beth, Ansley's Mom

Ansley, Mt Paran Christian School Class of 2018

“I will NEVER forget my senior experience…”

I chose Victoria Bidez Photography for my senior pictures because I have always loved Victoria's work. Her pictures always capture everyone beautifully. They show how each person is beautiful in their own way.

I loved my experience because Victoria is so fun and made my senior experience something to remember. She's so easy going and makes sure that you love every moment of your session. She's wonderful at making you feel beautiful and she knows how to capture your true self flawlessly.

My favorite part of my experience was most definitely going into Atlanta and being able to have the opportunies to shoot such amazing pictures! It was truly a privilege. I had such an amazing time and never once did I feel awkward or shy behind the camera. Victoria was so good at showing me how to pose and making me feel 100% confident through the entire thing.

I will never forget my senior experience because Victoria made it such a wonderful experience and the pictures will last a lifetime.

McKenna, CHHS Class of 2017

“There was never a dull moment shooting with Victoria…”

Seeing Victoria's pictures on Instagram, and the quality of them, made me want mine to look like that too. The pictures also looked so fun to do and seemed to really reflect each person! I also loved how involved she is in the entire process.

My experience was AMAZING! I had no doubts on how my session would go, thanks to all the pre-planning we did! I had no idea on how to put outfits together, and since Victoria is so involved in the whole process, I was able to text her when I went shopping asking for her advice! It made me feel a whole ot better about my session!

My favorite part would have to be the actual shoot, but that's probably due to all the preparing for so long. I was so happy to finally do it! I enjoyed how going to the different locations created so many different memories. At first, I was super nervous about being in front of the camera, but as the day went on Victoria made me feel very comfortable about it. It was so much fun being able to capture the moments! There was never a dull moment while shooting, I was always laughing and having fun. 

If I could sum up my experience in one neat IG caption, it would say "Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too."

Mallory, CHHS Class of 2017

“It was single handedly one of the best days of my life…”

Victoria was recommended to me by a past VB Senior Spokesmodel, and she was very nice when we met with her. The entire experience interested me right off the bat, and her past pictures were absolutely incredible. I had to have her take my senior pictures!

My senior shoot was in the morning towards the end of summer. Unfortunately I ended up being sick, so I was not 100% myself. However, the makeup artist made me feel absolutely beautiful and even taught me a few tricks I use now for my makeup! She was very sweet as well. I was a little nervous at first, because I wasn't sure if she had makeup that matched my skin tone. That turned about to be a silly worry, as she was incredible and a true professional! 

At the shoot, Victoria made me feel a whole lot better despite being sick. I took medicine prior to the shoot and was a little groggy, but I was still smiling and having a great time. The locations really went perfectly with my outfits, and I felt like an actual model! One of my favorite parts was definitely when we were taking pictures while people were heading to work, or walking around downtown. It was really fun to see their expressions I posed and Victoria guided me on what to do. I laughed a lot and she captured it all. My smiles were genuine, I felt beautiful and even had conversations with people walking past. I really did feel like a real model!

The whole thing was a great experience. It was single handledly one of the best days of my life, and I would absolutely do it again if given the chance.

Madison, DCHS Class of 2016

“I love her to death and I can’t wait to work with her more in the future!…”

I'd heard great things about Victoria, and her previous senior session pictures are breathtaking and very natural. She focuses on the person's personality and style, which creates the best "shot" that will highlight their personality. 

I was so excited for my senior session that I had ants in my pants! But really, the entire experience was very fun and wild. I wanted to stretch myself a little bit and she made that stretch very easy and exciting. She's very personable and her ideas are the best. She chose the best make-up and hair artist a girl could ask for! I'm so thankful that all I had to do was show up and simply be myself. I did not have any concerns or nerves leading up to my shoot. I trusted that Victoria knew what she was doing and also knew the "look" that I was going for. If anything, I was excited that I was able to try new things and do a completely different style!

Working with Victoria was like hanging out with a teenager, meaning she is just like us and that's a great thing! We can all be honest with her and real. She not only takes beautiful pictures, but she's also a mentor, role model and best friend. I love her to death and can't wait to work with her more in the future! I definitely recommend Victoria Bidez for senior pictures! She has a passion for photography and people, and that's why her pictures look the way they do. 

My advice for other's looking for a photographer is to choose the one where every girl looks natural, is having fun, and the editing is light and professional. Also, choose one that has a great personality and fits yours...that really IS important! 

Elizabeth, BHS Class of 2016

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