Ansley in Atlanta – Senior Portraits

Ansley in Atlanta – how cute is that to say? This stunning young lady was a real treat to photograph, and even more fun because I actually photographed her older sister Makayla two summers before as well! So I was more than excited when their mom Beth contacted me for Ansley’s pictures. See, Ansley is a “real life” model you guys! Yep, she is working towards a career in acting and modeling…and she can SING! Oh yeah, and as if that wasn’t enough…the girl can dance beautifully as well. So to say she is talented is an understatement. Then again, her sweet (and equally beautiful) sister Makayla is currently a dancer at UGA (University of Georgia, Go Dawgs!). It must run in the family. I know their parents are very proud!

Brittiana J was the fabulous makeup artist on this epic city shoot, and she worked her magic on Ansley creating a natural, but polished to perfection, look just as Ansley requested. Then, as the outfits moved into an edgier vibe, Brittiana transformed Ansley’s look into a gorgeous glam that matched her final looks effortlessly.

Ansley was already used to the flow of posing, so she took direction incredibly well. This led to a very large number of breathtaking images for her final review…so I will only share my absolute favorites to minimize the length of this blog (ha ha). I am fully confident that one day I will get to say “I know that girl, I took her senior pictures” when she stars in her first big film.

Without further ado, please enjoy the gorgeous variety of images we created together that beautiful morning in Atlanta.

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